Little Tykes & Adventurers

Little Tykes & Adventurers

This classroom is for our 2-year-olds.

We have a very comprehensive curriculum working to develop the children emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically. We work on character traits, values, and learning to be a good friend.

In this class we actively potty train and work on self-help skills such as eating with utensils, drinking from cups, hand washing, and dressing

At this age we use the Experience Curriculum with supplemental activities created by the teacher. It is a well rounded curriculum with heavy emphasis on language and social skills.

Children will be exposed to a variety of sensory learning pathways. Some activities are supplemented with sign language to bridge any communication differences.

They will learn colors, shapes, numbers, and object labels.

Learning is very hands on in these classrooms. Every moment is a fun, teachable moment! Each week is a new exciting theme.

Included in your tuition your child will receive enrichment classes. These are separate instructors and age appropriate curriculum in addition to regular classroom activities.

Children will go outside for 30 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon, weather permitting.