Little Scholars & Pre-Kindergarten


  • This classroom is for children age four.
  • Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to promote children’s knowledge and skills in all developmental areas and to establish a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • This program reflects the belief that children are active learners. They build meaning and understanding through full participation in their learning environment. This child-centered program combines high expectations for each child with respect for individual development.
  • Our Pre-Kindergarten programs contain everything your child will need to be ready and successful in Kindergarten.
  • Our goal is to foster a sense of independence and a “Can Do” attitude. We are always pushing them to stretch and grow and to improve and master new concepts.
  • Our Pre-K children will receive 2 progress reports through the school year to keep you informed on academic progress. One in the fall and another in the spring.
  • Valuable life skills such as; Responsibility, Honesty, and the ability to share and cooperate with others will be introduced.
  • Class time will be structured with group time, individual time, as well as free play time.
  • Monthly changing dramatic play centers are incorporated to encourage fun and imagination
  • Included in your tuition your child will receive enrichment classes. These are separate instructors who use age appropriate curriculum.
  • Children will go outside for 30 minutes in the morning and in the afternoon, weather permitting.

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