Oak Brook School prides itself on being an academic facility. Our children are active, busy, and learning all day long. In addition to a full and well-rounded classroom curriculum, all children ages 2 and up will visit Innovation Boulevard. Each room offers a different creative outlet for the children to explore!

Play Town takes dramatic play and pretends to a whole new level. Children can be grownups while shopping in a miniature grocery store or playing parents in their home center, style hair in the beauty salon, or building a dream project in the construction zone.

Discovery Zone allows the children to investigate science and sensory activities in a learning-rich and exciting environment.

Music Maestro encourages the children to find their inner musicians while learning basic musical concepts.

Corner Bookstore is designed to provide a cozy yet stimulating environment where children can listen, read and learn while participating in storytime, puppet shows, and independent reading.

Picasso’s Palette allows children to discover how colors and shapes converge to make beautiful masterpieces while fostering their creativity.

Tech Titans features Chromebooks to learn computer fundamentals and complete lessons through ABCMouse.com

Rain or shine children stay fit and active in the Olympic Gym. This indoor multi-function space plays host to weekly physical education classes and extra-curricular activities.